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Building Relationships For Good

Circle Drive Church is the group of Christ-followers that meet in that really big building at the corner of Circle Drive & Preston in Stonebridge.

Now known as Circle Drive Church, it has been in Saskatoon,under a variety of names, since the 1930s. You can read all about the history of the church if you wish.

There has been a common theme through all the time we've been in Saskatoon, we want to help people have a relationship with Jesus Christ. The relationship we have with God leads us to build relationships for good with each other in the church, and throughout the community.

You don’t have to be a Christian to visit here, or even to hang out with us. We are all on a journey and we welcome you to join in. We believe that truth can be known, and that the discovery of our Created design and purpose leads us to meaning and fulfillment of that purpose and peace.

Yes, you will hear preaching at Circle, but we do our best not to be "preachy." We just share our discoveries along the journey, so that all can benefit.

About Circle Drive Church